HA~NA Brand Development

HA-NA High end water

I was tasked to create a logo for a new water from the Yucatan Peninsula CENOTES (water holes) that reflects the connection of the nature and the Mayan culture mix with a unique technology used to tread the water.

The task demanded investigation form me to learn the techniques used to process the water coming out of the "CENOTES" water holes in the Yucatan Peninsula. This treatment process involved a combination of new technology and ancient Mayan rituals that where used my the Mayan culture to collect the water.

Several logos ideas were developed and presented and after several ideas and design I created a logo that mix the technology used to process the water and the relation of nature with the Mayan Culture creating a logo based on thin layers of water that represent the process and the form of a leaf that represent the nature.

Typography was choose to bring the Mayan culture alive with a modern touch of delicacy and form.




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