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Book Design for the Gobernment of the state of Yucatán in Mexico.

I was hired to design the book for the Mayan Archeological place of UXMAL in the state of Yucatán in Mexico. I was ask to create a modern look that will combine the heritage of the Mayan Culture together with amazing photography of the site.  The book is 244 pages in total and the cover is a French Flags style cover. The book is used as State gifts to international Cultural and Political visitors and it is given to the visitors by the governor of the state.


I designed the book with big photography and empty spaces in mind to make reference to the amazing place that UXMAL is and it was for the Mayas during the city gold period.


It was a pleasure and a great opportunity to be able to design this book for the state Government of Yucatán and the Patronage CULTUR.


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